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Thursday 15 July

Caudalie, A Guided Online Wine Tasting

Join us for a guided wine tasting with French vigneron Maxime Chapoutier, eighth generation winemaker of renowned M. Chapoutier winery and Ben Portet, tenth generation winemaker from the fabulous Yarra Valley based Dominique Portet winery, in conversation with Melbourne’s own French chef Gabriel Gâté, and Jacqueline Dutton, French and Wine Studies Professor at the University of Melbourne.Each ticket holder will receive a box containing two bottles of wine (Zoom only tickets also available).

Thursday 15th July at 6:30 PM to 7:45 PM
Ticket Cost: Wine Box (Melbourne residents only)
Online Wine Talk: $55 + GST and booking fee Online Wine Talk only: $15 + GST and booking fee

Friday 16 July

Les Lumières Blanc
A Revolution in Painting – The French Impressionists

Monet, Renoir, Degas, Cézanne – we all know their work but what is the story that lies behind the Impressionist movement?

As the National Gallery of Victoria (NGV) welcomes its winter exhibition, French Impressionism, presenting more than 100 masterworks of French impressionism from the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston (MFA), Dr Ted Gott will discuss the role of key French painters who initiated an artistic revolution in the history of painting.

Friday 16 July
12:00 PM – 1:00 PM
$10 + GST and booking fee

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Les Lumières Vert
Can we achieve net zero carbon emission without decline?

Panelists Dr Katie Allen (MP, Federal Member for Higgins), Louise Davidson (CEO Australian Council of Superannuation Investors), Augustin Honorat (CEO of Engie), Shane Walden (CEO of ANL) as moderated by journalist Alan Kohler will debate on whether the historical relationship between GDP and environmental impact can be weakened and effectively severed. Can we deploy new technologies and shift the nature of our consumption and lifestyle while continuing to grow GDP, even in a wealthy country such as Australia?

Friday 16 July
4:30 PM – 6:00 PM
$15 (early bird) + GST and booking fee


Saturday 17 July

Les Lumières Rouge
The French Revolution and its relevance to today

What does an event that happened over 200 years ago, across the other side of the world, have to do with today?We have all heard the stories of ‘let them eat cake’ and heard our own versions of the storming of the Bastille, but what really happened and how has the revolution affected modern society?

A world authority on the French Revolution and nineteenth-century France, Prof Peter McPhee will explore how the Revolution is still relevant today.

Saturday 17 July
11:00 AM – 12:00 PM
$10 + GST and booking fee

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Les Lumières Bleu
Demystifying the French cliché

“French men all wear berets. All French people listen to accordion music and eat gourmet meals. The French are good lovers. Everyone in France rides a bicycle with a baguette in their basket.”

Three French expats, Véronique Duché (Professor of French, University of Melbourne), Anne-Sophie Pink (Head Education AFM) and Cécile Plaa (Coordinator Education AFM), and an Anthropologist, Tom McNamara (LaTrobe University), will explore what are the most common and what is their impact.

An enlightening and myth-busting discussion presented by the Alliance Francaise in collaboration with the Department of French at The University of Melbourne.

Saturday 17 July
2:30 PM – 3:30 PM
$10 + GST and booking fee

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The Art Embroidery Revolution with French couturier, Delphine Genin

In collaboration with the Bastille Day French Festival, French-Australian couture designer Delphine Genin, who trained in Paris at the exclusive, CHANEL-owned Ecole Lesage, will be hosting a virtual event on the 17th of July to share the story behind the label and reveal her thinking process when designing new pieces.

During this exclusive event, you will be able to question Delphine on some of her collection pieces as well as her latest work of Art.

Book now and join in this rare afternoon with Delphine!

Saturday 17 July
3:30 PM – 4:30 PM (online)
$40 + GST and booking fee

Closing Event

Fantastique! The Life and Loves of Hector Berlioz – written by Karen Van Spall and Lucy Esdaile. Presented by Parlour Music. Performed and recorded at FortyFiveDownstairs, Melbourne.

Saturday 17 July
8:00 PM (online)

We may think we know everything there is about a major musical figure, but the information we base this on usually comes from just a handful of standard sources. If you really want to know what a composer was like, ask his landlord, his housekeeper or his ex-wife! Hector Berlioz was a giant figure on the 19th century’s musical landscape. Probably best known for his opium induced, epic ‘program’ symphony, the Symphonie Fantastique. Conductor and composer Leonard Bernstein said of the work: “Berlioz tells it like it is – you take a trip, you wind up screaming at your own funeral”.

Berlioz’s songs are no less evocative, provoking, haunting and yet charming. With so many great men of Art, it is the women in their lives who can shine a focused light on their inner world.

Songs in original language, narration in English. Melanie Hillman (Actor). Karen Van Spall (Mezzo Soprano) Adam Miller (Baritone) Coady Green (Pianist)

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