1st Prize: parisian vacation

VALue: $8,847 
  • 2 Premium Economy return flights from Melbourne to Paris flying Singapore Airlines
  • Delsey Luxury luggage 
  • Philippe Fourrier Champagne Tour
Ramada Hotel & Suites Noumea.jpg

2nd Prize: A week in paradise


value: $3,500 
  • 2 return flights to New Caledonia with Aircalin
  • 5 nights’ accommodation in Noumea 

french raffle

1st Prize - L.Turner
2nd Prize - J. Asher

3rd Prize - G. Greaves

3rd Prize: french experience


  • 4 tickets to So Frenchy So Chic​
  •  2 complimentary haircuts and styling by Franck Provost

value: $578



'I still can’t believe we won the 2018 Bastille Day raffle.  It took 3 days to sink in and only 12 weeks to check in at the airport with Paris as our destination.  


We were so excited, after the plane took off we mentioned our fortunate win to the airline crew who, before I knew it, were back with glasses of champagne to set my wife and I off in style!!


Wow, what a way to start our trip. Thank you Singapore Airlines!


We arrived into Paris and headed straight to the Sofitel Hotel Baltimore, just off the Champs Elysees and around the corner from the Eiffel Tower.  The hotel and position could not have been more perfect - 5 mins walk in either direction to the Arc de Triomphe or the Tower. 


Everywhere we went we were welcomed by the beautiful French people. They even took the time to help with my pronunciation of their language whether in the city or on our visits to the countryside. We practiced our French before we left and were warmly received for our efforts when we arrived. This really enhanced our experiences.  We felt more confident in regional markets with locals and humbly learning how to improve our pronunciation while having fun at the same time. 


We spent our days exploring the city, visiting the many sights and cruising along the Siene.  At night, we joined the Parisians wining and dining until late into the evenings. 


To some extent, it still feels like a dream.  Lucky I have photos!  


Paris is such a beautiful city and our trip was truly amazing.  Thank you to the Bastille Day French Festival team and supporters.'


Adam Schwab