Put on your beret, practise your French ‘bonjour’ and come join us for the Bastille Day French Festival  on 16 & 17 July at Federation Square!

Experience the best of la vie à la française, in the heart of Melbourne, through our French Winter Market, our French Bar, and many live performances. If you would like to discover more about French art, history or innovation, please register to attend our Conferences Les Lumières. And, of course, you can enhance your culinary, wine tasting or embroidery skills by enrolling in our Workshops and Ateliers.


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Friday 16th July 2021

Saturday 17th  July 2021

VENUE – Federation Square Atrium, Deakin Edge and Western Terrace of the Plaza (faces Swanston Street and Flinders streets)

* Masterclasses & Les Lumières Talks and some associated Program events will be ticketed.